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I founded and opened my company in 2008, because I wanted to help people on an energy level. The Oracle Treehouse is a place for people to come to not only receive intuitive advice and energy healing, but also to reawaken their own intuitive and healing abilities, I hope to help reawaken every human being’s intuitive and healing ability.

Meet Shenice

I am an Intuitive and Healer. I have been into the Intuitive and metaphysical world all my life. However, I didn’t grow up in a supportive family that was open to it. This didn’t stop me. I read every book that peak my interest and that lit a fire inside of me about the spirit world, intuitive abilities, energy and healing. My fascination grew and grew. Than in 2008 I followed my intuitive hunch and started my own Intuitive reading business. The Oracle Treehouse Healing and Intuitive Services. Doing reading via internet and phone. In 2009……

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Is A Healing Technique Where Healing Energy Is Channeled From The Reiki Healer (Me) Via Hands Or At A Distance (Over The Phone Or Skype) To The Client To Help With Healing Of Any Of A Number Is Issues From Physical Pain To Mental, Emotional Or Spiritual Issues…..

Medical Intuitive Reading Healing

Medical Intuition Is A Healing Technique Where The Medical Intuitive Reads/Tunes Into The Human Body As A Whole (Mind, Body And One’s Life), And Receives Information On The Connection Between One’s Physical Issues And/0R The Person’s Mind And/Or Life As A Whole……

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Cards Are A Form Of Divination. They Serve As An Agency Of Communication With The Universe/Divine/Spirit. 3 Card Reading Looking At The Past, Present And Possible Future Outcome Of A Situation…..


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